Anna Botou lives and works in Halkidiki. Currently an undergraduate of the Visual and Applied Arts at Aristotle University. Anna holds a B.S. in Organization and Business Management from E.A.P. and in Nursing. She studied the art of Hagiography at the holy monastery of Evangelismos in Ormylia and worked for six years as a hagiographer.

Her work is characterized by diversity as she uses an assortment of practices with a variety of media and materials, such as ceramic sculptures, paper, wooden objects, urban waste, industrial decorative objects and video, all with anthropocentric orientation, flirting with the constant renegotiation of the boundaries between collective and individual, the influence of new technologies on the individual but also the community, the search for new balance between the familiar and the unexpected, the pursuit of a multidimensional approach and interpretation of themself, are some of the elements that determine the conceptual content of her works.


2014 “Human Rights”, Spazio-Tempo Arte, Italy
2015 ”Aerika”, Tsipeli Estate, Polygyros, Greece
2016 “Parallel roads”, SKETVE, Thessaloniki, Greece
2016 “Grecian Magnesite: Artistic approach of a timeless coexistence”, Skala Gerakinis, Greece
2017 Psychology Conference, Dim, Polygyros Theatre, Polygyros, Greece
2017 “Masks”, Archaeological Museum of Polygyros, Polygyros, Greece
2017 Sketve, Macedonian Studies Society Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
2017 “St. George Peristereota”, Center of Architecture of Thessaloniki, Greece
2019 “CheapArt”, Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece
2019 25/25 Artists & Designers, Cheapart 84TIF, Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece
2020 “So far so close”, Momus, Thessaloniki, Greece
2021 Persistent Art, Sculpture Garden, Thessaloniki, Greece
2021 “Echoes of the Revolution of 1821 in the art of today”, Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, Thessaloniki, Greece
2022 “METAVERSE”, Sofouli Theatre, Thessaloniki, Greece
2022 « The Monuments and me. Recall and interpretation of memory”, Islahane, Thessaloniki

Works in public collections:

AIAPI Arti Visive IAA AIAP Unesco, Venezia, Italy Agios Georgios Peristereota, Rodochori Naoussa, Greece
Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, Thessaloniki, Greece
Momus, digitized, Thessaloniki, Greece
Collection of the Municipality of Neapolis Sykeon, Thessaloniki, Greece