Pasta's project inside


Pasta's project inside “So far so close”,

Momus, Thessalonki, 2020


90*140, Avlis Festival, Mytara Art Gallery, 2021


“Echoes of the Revolution of 1821 in the art of today”, Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, Thessaloniki, 2021

Bey Hammam

“The Monuments and me. Recall and interpretation of memory”, Islahane, Thessaloniki

"Agios Georgios Peristereota",

Rodochori Naoussa, 2017

Hand made

Glazed ceramic , 3d pen


2022 Remains of serial industrial objects with a new identity


2021 Sense of bodily self under the psychiatric syndrome of “Depersonalization”

I didn't see, i felt,

Depersonalization 2

Goose game

100*160 “So far so close”, Momus, Thessaloniki, 2020
Untitled, 50*70
How to cut roses, ink on paper, 200*100


Untitled, ink on paper 200*100